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Leadership Breakfast Series


The Leadership Breakfast Series returns for 2017!


Register for an individual Session or attend the full Series!


All sessions meet from 8am - 9:30am and include breakfast.


All sessions meet at the LagunitIs Community Room located at 237 NE Broadway


The F*ckery Factor: A Series on Blind Spots and Bad Habits



February 8, 2017

Session 1: Name It To Tame It

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name. - Chinese proverb

F*ckery is defined as habits that damage trust. It's an ugly word -- offensive even.  As it should be. Dysfunctional office behavior is ugly and offensive. It causes lost productivity, disables effective communication, punishes good workers and rewards bad ones. No industry is immune. Effective leaders can name their strengths and the shadows that lurk behind them. They are able to recognize and name the barriers that threaten trust on their teams and with their customers. What aren't you seeing? What can't you hear? How can you and your team be more successful?

Participants will:

  1. Understand why f*ckery threatens credibility, teamwork, & success
  2. Identify Notorious F*ckery like Blaming & Avoiding Conflict
  3. Learn tools to make their own F*ckery Map



April 12, 2017


Session 2:  The Matrix

 You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions. - Naguib Mahfouz

F*ckery is defined as habits that damage trust. While Keanu Reeves will not be making an appearance, leaders will learn how the Communication Matrix reduces f*ckery by developing assertive leadership. Participants will learn to calibrate skills in Discovery & Direction, moving away from communication patterns that are overly aggressive or painfully passive. None of us have the time or the patience to deal with the toxicity that thrives when passive-aggression is present. Weed it out. Confident and engaging leaders know how to listen, observe, and build relationships. They make connections and build collaboration. This is Discovery. Likewise, they are capable of setting the course, driving action, and defining strategy. There is a time and place to take charge, and leaders discern when and how to provide Direction. It is the deliberate and fluid ability to wield both these skill sets that inspires trust and respect.

How well do you listen and observe? How do you rate yourself on advising and advocating a position? What communication patterns do you see where you work? Can you identify how trust-damaging habits show up as Pointing Fingers, Playing Victim, or Disengagement?

**Builds on f*ckery foundation laid in Part I but is stand alone program.**

Participants will:

  1. Learn the vectors and quadrants to explain the Communication Matrix.
  2. Understand how Discovery and Direction are integrated to defeat dysfunctional communication and yield assertive leadership.
  3. Practice using skills and develop personal plan to assertively challenge f*ckery in your organization.


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Presenter: Lori Eberly, LCSW | Radius ECD

Lori Eberly began her career in health care, working for a decade as a hospice social worker. She honed her skills in discovery then set off to develop leaders and build belonging in organizations. Today she is a small business owner, executive consultant, and the author of F*ckery. Curiosity and relationships remain the heart of her work as she builds trust in nonprofits, global tech companies, and wherever people work together. Lori lives in North Portland with her family, except for the summer months when they travel the Northwest in their Westfalia.


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